Training your dog recall

Training your dog recall is one of the most important lessons your dog will learn and should be one of the first, it is also one of the easiest if you start to teach it from the first time you take them up the park.

I have always let my dogs off the lead the first time I have taken them up the park as this is when they will be unsure of their surroundings so will want to stay close to you anyway.

The easiest way is if you can take another person with you the first few times and take lots of nice treats with you, I always find cheese or sausages great training treats as they have a strong smell and dogs always seem to love them.

Take your dog into the middle of the park so there is lots of space around you and get the person with you to hold your dog by the collar taking the lead off, get some of the treat you've bought with you in your hand and let your dog smell the tantalising treat (this is why I suggest sausage or cheese) then let your dog have some of the treat, now they know what you have got in your hand, now walk backwards, first time i suggest going about 10 feet away, not too far as you want to keep their attention, your dog should still be looking at you as you walk back as they know you have got smelly treats in your hand, now bend down, stretch out your arms to your sides and call their name, they should be pulling to get to you by now, this is when the person holding your dog should let go, and your dog should come running towards you, once they get to you give them the treats and praise them with lots of affection and 'good boys/girls'. Do this a couple of times each day, each time getting further away and they should always come back to you.

After a while you can try things like hiding behind a tree so that they look for you, this will teach them that they should always be able to see you.

I hope this helps with you training.