Georgie's Pet Picks


We're giving Georgie, Paul's Cocker Spaniel, the chance to pick his top 5 PawsCouture products of the week. Georgie is a natural born style seeker and loves to wear our latest products (he's worked out that he gets lots more attention in the park!).

1. Butterfly Swarovski Dog Collar: With a beautiful Swarovski butterfly shaped crystal in the middle of a silver flower and 2 Swarovski crystals either side, this is a stunning collar, made in France by French designer, Bobby. Supple lambskin leather means no-rub and the quality and finish of this product is top of the range. It's Georgie's party collar.btewvk  c

2. Waterproof Turtleneck Dog Jumpsuit: 100% waterproof in 8vibrant colours, this is a superb raincoat when it's really pouring down and you still need to take your dog out. The jumpsuits are ultra- lightweight and flexible so movement is not restricted in any way. Georgie loves this coat, which he has in blue, green and red (so spoilt), as he can run around after his ball, and roll around with his friends and he doesn't have to have a shower! He doesn't like the shower at all but does like the rain.... go figure!

3. Carnival T-shirt Harness: Afabulous multicoloured soft harness that is comfortable with soft padding on chest area saves your dog any discomfort if they pull. Mix and match with the carnival collar and lead (sold separately) for wonderful winter brights.

4. Alfy Bed: This is our most popular bed, doubling as a private space when your dog or puppy needs some down time. It's from French designer, Bobby, so is made to extremely high standards to stand the test of time.

5. Bluberry Rope Toy: This is one of Georgie's favourite toys and comes from the Rope Toys Collection from PetLondon. Georgie loves to play tug and he can really pull and get his teeth into this without it falling to pieces as the thick, woven rope gives ultra-durability.

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